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Research Program


Planned Articles and Book Publication

As far as I can tell at present (December 2008), my research will be presented in a series of lectures and five scholarly articles which take a variety of approaches and perspectives to test the validity of the intuitivity thesis. I then plan to publish a book summarizing the individual results and arguments put forward in the scholarly articles. The book is not expected to be published before 2015. However, this website will report on my research progress and results over the coming years.

Intuitivity of Reason in Kant's Concept of Pure Practical Reason

The research project's main focus is on the intuitivity of reason in Kant's critical transcendental philosophy, which has to be predominantly regarded as an endeavor of theoretical knowledge. This implies that aspects of intuitive rationality that can be identified in Kant's concept of pure practical reason do not belong to the area of research. However, since they furnish proof of the intuitive nature of pure reason in its entirety (i.e., theoretical and practical) they also indirectly support the intuitivity thesis. References to publications on the intuitivity of pure practical reason in Kant will be found both on the "Est Deus in nobis" website (under "Literature") and on the "Anschauende Vernunft [Intuitive Reason]" website (under "Publications").